A tattoo can mean a lot in different ways as some people get them if they like body art, they want to preserve a memory, love certain quote or just feel like having a tattoo to make them more attractive or interesting. Choosing what you want to have tattooed can be quite a decision as this something you will have on you for basically the rest of your life. There are a lot of choices for such designs and how to determine which one suits you as well as goes best with you interests. Here are some ideas and ways ways to choose out a meaningful tattoo.


Favorites and Interests

When choosing your tattoo, picking an image of something that interests you can be a good choice as this shows you like to express what you are into and you are not ashamed to show it. Be it your favorite cartoon, your zodiac sign, a character that you like or an object that you enjoy in life. Some people even have a moon or sun as a design a tattoo that shows their country flag and more. Whichever interests you can be a great tattoo as this shows your interest in that certain object and what it is related to.

Inspirational or Meaningful Quotes

Words mean a lot, whether they are written in different language or written by any person. If you have a line, principle, quote or even favorite lyrics to a song, you can have that tattooed as it is both meaningful and represents an idea. Such an idea is one that you might live by which is the reason you can get it as a tattoo as those simple words can be the very way you live your life and can also be an important message to you and anyone that reads it. Another option is you can get a quote in another language, such as arabic, latin or sanskrit tattoos.

Images of A Loved One

A lot of people come into our life and the most important are the people we love and cherish. Having a tattoo of your loved one is nothing to be ashamed of but something to be proud of. Whether it be an elder in your family, your mother or father, your spouse or kids. Having a tattoo of them can be a great way to remind yourself every day of the blessing you have in life and to show everyone that you are proud and happy to have them in your life.

Important or Life Changing Events

There are times in our lives when we experience the best of moments and sure pictures can be taken but tattoos can last a lifetime. If it’s the date you have gotten married, the day your child came into this world or even your birthday, you can get a tattoo of it to show its significance. You can even have it written in different fonts or characters. A popular way to depict dates for some people would be to use roman numerals, calligraphy and calendar graphics.

Getting A Name Tattoo

This can be a nice design for a tattoo, especially if you choose a nice font to write it with. Some people love to have it written in different languages especially when it comes to unique symbols. One of the most popular ideas is to have your own name in tattooed in Japanese or other languages that have unique symbols and there have even been tattoos of people using hieroglyphics to spell out their names. The more creative you get the more unique the tattoo can be.

You can also get a tattoo of a name of a loved one which can be either from a simple design or a large and creative font with background. Either your name or a name of a loved one can be used as a design for a tattoo and there are even artistic tattoos that can have more than one name written by looking at it from another direction. Do be careful though as using the name of a boyfriend or girlfriend might not be the wisest decision if you are unsure that you will actually be together forever so it is best to have either your name, your spouse’s name, child or other family members name since it is meaningful and a sign of your love for them.

Tattoos that Resemble Your Feelings or Attitude

If you still can’t out the right tattoo you can always head to a tattoo artist and talk to them about it. They will be happy to pick one out for you and will even ask you questions regarding your interests, personality and other topics to get an idea for choosing the right tattoo that would suit you based on your interests, attitude and more.


A tattoo will most likely last a lifetime unless you undergo a procedure to have it removed so be sure to pick one that you will not regret. Be sure to double check everything as well, especially if you are having your name written down or someone else name and check that its actually translated properly if you intend to have it in another language. Tattoos are very meaningful for most of the people and others will tend to judge a book by its cover so having a tattoo is something that represents you and who you are and making the right choice in choosing a meaningful tattoo can show a lot about who you are and what your personality is like.