Weddings are a way of celebrating the union of two love birds. Wedding customs and traditions vary between ethnic groups, religions and cultures. Planning a wedding can be pretty tough but with the availability of the best destinations is very easy to plan. Getting your location is the major focus when planning your wedding. Finding wedding venues is stress free. Here are some of the best destinations in the USA.

-Montelucia resort & spa

With amazing sunset and jaw dropping views of camel back mountains, this resort ensures you celebrate your special day with your family and friends in the best way possible. There isn’t any other way to spend your big day than in this grand luxurious resort. Local wedding cake organiser Esther Marcon from wedding cakes australia told us she used this venue in late 2014 – noting being a cake designer in Australia, she wanted to have an overseas wedding to have something completely new and unknown than her usual daily activities. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning an extravagant banquet, small or intimate party this resort is just the perfect wedding venue. The resort provides professional staffs that pamper the love birds on their big day.

-Beverly Hills Hotels

Welcome to this 5 star hotel with full range of amenities accompanied by complimentary Wi-Fi. For a fashionable and classic wedding filled with warmth and a relaxed spirit then Beverly Hills hotel is your choice. You will be shocked by the glitz and glamour combined with the elegance of this grand hotel. Beverly Hills hotels offer the best cuisine and world-class entertainment. It doesn’t get any better with the spectacular tropical gardens accompanied by wedding-night accommodations which make it an ideal venue for an iconic tinseltown wedding.

-Beaulieu Garden

Have your outdoor wedding on the perfectly manicured gardens with a Grecian-style sunken garden. For that one special day then Beaulieu Garden is the perfect choice. You may choose to have your wedding ceremony at Beaulieu Garden because of the magnificent sycamore trees that are filled with leafy branches that provides an amazing canopy entrance. Diner can be served under this elegant canopy that has a dappled light during daytime and at night giving it the dramatic effect. Can you imagine the sparkling pool with the most amazing manicured lawns and dancing under the stars?

-James Leary Flood mansion

This renaissance-style mansion is ideal for a private wedding ceremony. The mansion offers a breathtaking view with exquisitely crafted rooms. It is indeed a spectacular wedding venue that offers a perfect picture palette. You will be thrilled by the amenities and exclusive services offered at this amazing mansion. The interior has detailed perfection from the ornate ceilings ,painted Muriel and 140ft long grand hall with sweeping views of the beautiful Golden gate bridge.


What a better way of exchanging your wedding vows in front of the wall of succulents in this spectacular garden courtyard? Marvimon offers a stylish wedding for both your guests and family. Having your wedding at Marvimon can be the best decision you can ever make. From the glass bud vases with a colourful array of garden roses, along with long wooden tables, vintage plates and draped pearls. The cuisine is mouth-watering and indeed delicious.

Most couples worldwide think of having their wedding venues in the USA without realizing that every dream can be achieved. Having all these wedding at your disposal is very easy, apply for esta and enjoy that one special day with your family and friends.