1. Framed Word Art

Step 1: Take a piece of poster board and lay it on a flat surface. Use letter stencils to spell out the word of your choice on the board. Make sure to be aware of where you want to place the words. Use a ruler and pencil to mark

Step 2: Spell the phrase out backwards, then flip the stencils (you’ll be turning the board over when you’re finished, and the words will then read properly) and trace the word onto the board with a pencil.

Step 3: Now carefully cut of the letters with an X-Acto knife, then use hem tape to place a patterned piece of paper/fabric to the poster board. Once done, flip over the board to reveal the finished artwork.

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  1. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Step 1: Measure and mark the centre of the lid of the jar.

Step 2: Using a steel drill bit of half an inch, drill a hole for the pump to fit the width of a soap dispenser pump.

Step 3: Lastly, fill the jar with liquid soap, and close the jar with the lid. Then insert the pump. You might have to trip the pump’s end to fir the hole.


  1. Vintage Global Light

Step 1: First, Separate the globe from its base.

Step 2: With a utility knife carefully cut a 3 ½ – inch-diameter at the bottom of the globe.

Step 3: Place the light cord socket on top of the globe and trace the circle out. Then cut out the resulting circle.

Step 4: Using a drill, poke holes along the edges of each continent, leaving a quarter inch between each hole.

Step 5: Insert the socket into the top hole and then insert a 15- watt CFL bulb from the bottom and hang.


  1. Gold Bolt Blanket Hanger

Step 1: Spray paint the bolts with a metallic shade of Gold. It is recommended to spray two coats each.

Step 2: Then using an Olive Shade spray paint, spray paint the wooden boards

Step 3: Follow the application and safety directions on the can and let it dry.

Step 4: Take one 8ft board and saw it into five 30-inch pieces.

Step 5: Taking two other 8ft pieces, evenly place the rungs it (you can even cut the 8 ft pieces into your desired size and then space the rungs).

Step 6: Once the rungs are placed, use your screwdriver with a spade to drill through the rung and the ladder. Add the bolt pieces to keep the two pieces together.

Step 7: Repeat on both sides of the rung.


  1. Floating Shelf

Step 1: Cut around 48 pieces yarn, each being 3.5 inches in length.

Step 2: Hold all 48 pieces together and tie a knot in the centre of the bunch. This is going to be the centrepiece of the hanger.

Step 3: Now divide your yarn into 4 equal sections of 12 each. After which you will divide the 4 sections into two with 6 each and twist them together.

Step 4: Hang your piece on a higher place and then tie a knot about 4 inches below the top.

Step 5: Now tie a knot at the bottom.

Step 6: Lastly, slip on your wooden plate.