Over the past few years, white water rafting has become a popular sport for enthusiasts around the world and in Vietnam . This activity attracts people of all ages and expertise. That’s why it isn’t uncommon to watch river rafting events at sport channels like ESPN or to see shots of the sport in tourist programs. But, what is whitewater rafting? Is it difficult or expensive? Where to make Rafting in Vietnam ?Any time you take up a new sport and adventure in an exotic destination you need to learn new skills to prepare yourself for new experiences – and new adventures. Whitewater rafting is no different.

What Is Adventure Rafting?

Rafting is an activity that involves the use of a raft in a body of water, especially rivers. Considered as a sport, it consists of navigating an inflatable boat through the rapids of a river. Normally a boat holds a number of people who will experience the thrill of bouncing off rocks as they fight against the force of the river and feel the cold water hit their faces.

As incredible as it may sound, the history of whitewater rafting is quite recent. Why? In the past the technology didn’t exist to construct a boat capable of resisting the impacts a white water raft endures. Additionally, more protective and safety gear is available today to make the sport relatively safe.

How Is Rafting Done?

Rafting involves different degrees of difficulty and conditions. If you are taking your first steps into this sport, look for rivers with mild temperature and whose rapids are easy to “run.” As you acquire more experience, you will be able to go through tougher rivers and even withstand harsher weather conditions, like cold rivers found in colorado rafting or jungle waters found in warmer areas.

Gear Needed For Adventure Rafting

There are many variables involved in adventure rafting. At the least, you will need some basic stuff like a helmet and a life jacket. But what if you are in zone with high temperature and jungle-like conditions? In those cases you may need to use protective eyewear, sun block and insect repellant. In colder climates you will need to use a wetsuit that can adequately protect you from the frigid water.

Since rafting trips are normally arranged through companies that specialize in the activity, always get a list of recommended gear before you leave for the trip. Many rafting trips are blended in with camping excursions – like trips through the Grand Canyon. You’ll need to pack light, but you also want to be prepared. Don’t make my mistake and wear any watches, fitbits or other wristbands – i lost my Fitbit and had to get a Fitbit band replacement while rafting!

Where to make an Adventure Rafting in Vietnam ?

Vietnam is know as country of river so , many potential places to perform this kind of adventure – But this activity as considered as dangerous, is quite limited for now, you can only do it in Dalar, in hight land centre of Vietnam in a place called Phat Tire  You can contact local agency (phattireventures.com) to have more infos about this adventure but before going to Vietnam, if you arrive by airways, you should not forget to make your visa on arrival with Minh Anh Travelfor cheap and fast visa service