The materials you use to build the interior of your kitchen will determine the overall outcome of its look. If you are currently planning on a kitchen remodel project, it probably means you are not impressed by its current look however appealing it might have been years back. To bring it back to life, you need to reconsider its design; it is important but most people tend to incline all their efforts in that way and forget the role quality materials play. Below are some tips on the how to select the best materials for each and every aspect you need to change or modify

Kitchen Remodeling Materials for Cabinets

So, how do you start? To come up with a good plan, you need to make a list of all the materials you need. For instance, if you want to change your cabinets, you can select from wood, laminate, and steel which are the most common. Bamboo is best suited for traditional kitchens while laminate and steel go well with a contemporary design. Wood is a special case since it can actually fit in anywhere; whether you are after a classic look or the new flashy trends, you just need to customize it so that it matches with the rest of the items in your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Materials for Countertop

After doing away with the cabinets, you will probably switch your attention to the countertops. To bring out an overwhelming look, most homeowners want their countertops to match with the cabinets. You can select from a range of materials which include glass, granite and tiles. Granite would go well with steel cabinets especially if they are painted grey. On the other hand, bright tiles have always done well with wooden cabinets although they can be extended on the adjacent wall for emphasis.

For a commercial/office kitchen in comparison you may prefer to use a more hard wearing material to combat the increased traffic. Jacob from Morgan Lovell notes that pressed stainless steel is the most commonly used countertop setup – hard-wearing, resistant to staining and simple to clean, pressed stainless steel also a cost effective building material for large benchtops.

Kitchen Wall Materials

To keep the look on your kitchen fresh, the wall needs some revamping too. Painting is a default way to do it although there are better ways and materials for that job. Wallpapers are gaining popularity by the day not only because they are beautiful but due to ease of installation too. It only takes a few hours of concentration to fix the wallpaper and you do not have to wait for it to dry as would be the case with paint. If you like, you can customize the wall paper to bring out a touch of your own personality and probably add to the décor.

Kitchen Remodel Materials For the  Floor

The floor is the first thing anyone looks at whenever they get into a room. To come up with that breathtaking look, you certainly have to select a great material which matches with all other aspect. Flooring gives you a wide array of choices from which you can choose. You can have wood, plastic laminate, ceramic tiles and vinyl. However it should be noted that each of the materials has its pros and cons. For instance, wood wears out under heavy traffic and wet conditions. The kitchen is highly frequented and always humid which obliges you to keep on sanding the surface each time it wears out.

Tiles and Granite Floor

Ceramic or granite tiles are a favorite for most homeowners. They are durable and attractive but so hard which increases the chance that your utensils will break should they fall on the surface. If you want to achieve a wooden look without having to struggle with sanding, you should select vinyl. It can have wooden imprints on it but still retain the functionality of vinyl. Just like ceramic, the material is durable but not as hard.


Are you tired of the same old windows you had years ago? If you are just looking out for something refreshing, you can consider replacing your glass panes with new ones. There is not much of an option for materials when it comes to windows but panes could be customized so that you have excessively big ones for elegance or small squares which go well with traditional décor.

Before you complete any remodel – ensure you use a building inspector to review the structural integrity of the space to avoid spending thousands of dollars, only to have to redo the work again.

Appliances are not materials but you also need to upgrade some if need be. A new fridge and a number of faucets will complete the new look. For inspiration, consider going through home magazines or browse for images on the internet.